Elbow Arthritis

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Elbow arthritis is a very common condition in dogs and often hard to manage.
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SURVEYCAM is regularly approached by owners of dogs with elbow arthritis for further advice on how to manage the…

Posted by Canine Arthritis Management on viernes, 29 de septiembre de 2017

Stimulated some good discussion.
I’m personally interested in people’s results from intra-articular interventions such as stem cells, PRP, HA, Arthramid etc.
I’ve seen good effect in an end stage elbow that had arthramid injected, but it did take some time to take effect. But that’s not a significant study size!!
Anyone else been using these methods?

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I realise this is an old post but my 8 (nearly 9) year old lab is having Arthramid in his right elbow in 10 days time.  It’s been tricky finding information on it so I am setting up a blog to give a warts and all account of our experience with it.  I’ll share a link when it’s up.

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