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Just a quick question regarding barley 10 yr old choice lab, he has now been on rimadyl 100mg and  synoquin supplements for 8 months now since diagnosis, I am now starting to question the effectiveness of these the past month as he has really been struggling.whilst it seem effective at the start it now seems to be less effective.
he is now very near to his ideal weight , and all recommendations has been followed regarding walking routines, anti slip mats, ramp for car  hydrotherapy twice a month which I believe has helped .
so my question is regarding cartrophen injections as the next step
would anyone recommend this product at all?
i understand he will get worse as time goes on but would like anyone’s advice on what is our next step should be to help him be more comfortable
thanks to all for previous comments xx

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Hey there
Sadly there is no definitive next step
There are many option some work well for some dogs and some less so. This is what makes this disease so complicated.
I would encourage you to start objective monitoring using a chronic pain scoring tool so you can be more accurate with improvement and deterioration as this will make your life easier.
I would suggest that you chat further with your vet as this may simply be a short term flare that he will come out of in a week or so and nothing needs hugely changing.
With regards cartrophen some people rave about it and others feel the literature about it is actually quite weak. I have not seen it do harm and it’s not really invasive so I feel it is worth trialling but he objective with your results
Regards Hannah

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