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We started a Facebook discussion regarding dog walkers, trolleys, push carts and found people were seeking advice and reviews prior to purchase….

Just a little celebration of our dog trolley advocates !!! If you want to go that little bit further but know they'd struggle, then consider a dog pram…. and then send us a photo!!!

Posted by Canine Arthritis Management on domingo, 24 de septiembre de 2017

I thought I’d review the Doggy Hut trolley I purchased. TBH we put it through the mill by taking it off road for 100miles of unmade tracks, hills, gulleys and ruts!!! So I have to say it did pretty well even though the front wheel eventually fell off on day 4 of 8.
We did replace the base and replace it with a trampoline construction- very easy to do, and we can share photos. The handle had to be adjusted as was wobbly and padding improved. A waterproof cover was made as it wasn’t waterproof.
But all in all we were impressed with how well Holly who’s 16 kg slept in it (with lots of bedding) whilst I slogged it up and down beacon hills.
It was about £190 from amazon
Would I recommend it – yes


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