Dog diet food?

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My Staffie girl has 3 legs & arthritis & is no longer very mobile, I am aware that excess weight is no help to her & looking for recommendations of the best dry diet food please? Treats are mainly carrots & veg & her current 1 small tin of wet food cannot be cut down anymore! It’s very hard to help a dog loose weight when they don’t exercise so hoping changing her main meals might help.
thank you in advance.

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Thank you Hannah, i’ll def take a look at the article & look at the food, it is so difficult, as you say, as altho my girl is not physically mobile her brain is still young & most things aimed at mental stimulation include food ie. snuffle mats, licki mats, stuffed kongs etc, we will persevere thanks x

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Weight loss is such hard work….but you’ll get there.
Don’t forget to look at how you calculate food requirement …weighing is way more accurate than the cup…studies have proven that.
Also look at feeding little meals more regularly than one big one
I personally like hills metabolic mobility as it includes higher level of omega 3 fatty acids.
A good article for you is from.the one and only Marge Chandler….awesome awesome vet
You can sign up as a non vet  xx

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