Does PRP treatment make a diffefence

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Asking advice on a procedure to enquire of others have found it helpful in managing their dogs arthritis and reducing pain

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this is from David Dycus about PRP

Tough case, hard to make recommendations without evaluating the dog and knowing what things looked like in the joint.

In general 50% dogs will require more than 1 PRP injection. For moderate OA I usually plan 2-5 of them. However, if there is severe medial compartment damage all the injections in the world won’t help much. In an adult dog with cartilage damage a bioblique proximal ulnar osteotomy in my mind is not the right decision. The dog will be more lame for 6-12 months and likely only get back to where the dog is now. If surgery is indicated then I would recommend either the CUE or a total elbow replacement pending the degree of damage. Not sure where this client is located, but if a total elbow was in the cards I would have them visit with Noel Fitzpatrick.

David Dycus, DVM, MS, CCRP
Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Surgeons – Small Animal

Orthopedic Staff Surgeon,
Veterinary Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Group (VOSM)

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From my personal experiences.

Heidi has been limping on her right leg since christmas. I finally got a referral appointment on 4th June. She went in and we discuss Heidi’s deterioration of her elbows (She had CT scans and keyhole surgery for fragmented coronoid process 2.5 years ago). Anyway the PRP injections were given to see if we could stabilise heidi’s limp and try and reduce inflammation. I didn’t feel we had much improvement after this so I went back to the referral vet on 11th July. He seemed to think there was a slight improvement. Anyway he suggested that due to limited research they cannot always be sure on whether dogs would benefit on multiple injections and what periods of time between them etc etc so he said we could try another set of injections. They did it there and then and we were able to take her home afterwards. She seemed quite sore after the second lot and again I didn’t feel they have helped her much but on seeing the vet yesterday he thought there had been improvement again ha ha. Obviously this is just our experience with PRP and I can quite honestly say through research I feel it really does sound good and lots of people seem to have good results.

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Ok… so this is actually a big topic that I think we need to get a CAM conversation out about it.

Basically we still have a lot to learn about it, but the exciting news is that there is a lot of interest so a lot being lectured about it.

firstly – of utmost importance a definite diagnosis localised to the joint is required. There are certainly may situations where it is being used with the wrong diagnosis… I have done that myself so hands up! I felt my dog had stifle pain but in fact it was sciatic.

secondly it is considered invasive as the dog would be required to have sedation/ GA – xrays prior are ideal, blood is taken and prepared in house to be injected into the joint

thirdly  check your insurance covers it

fourthly there are different qualities of preparation – centrifuged using the Comapnion system is believed superior to the Vpet system in terms of getting rid of bad cells and leaving large quantities of good cells

fifthly the effects may not be long term, and I have heard of some responding well but it being short lived

sixthly I have not heard of deterioration from it –  but at present it is considered an expensive potential gamble

seventhly am I considering having it done on my dog again soon- yes

I hope that helps



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I haven’t used it myself and the current research isn’t really that conclusive but I’ve had colleagues who have used it successfully. It’s a fairly none invasive treatment option which is always nice! It basically relies on the bodies own blood components to speed up healing, reduce inflammation and reduce pain in OA and in soft tissue injuries. Some people use it post surgery too to speed up healing.

Anyone have more experience on this than me?

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