Deterioration in mobility over a couple of days plus swollen muscles between shoulder blades

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Morning all,
I’ll preface this by saying I will be calling the vets to try and get in today, but thought I would see if anyone has had a similar experience.
Some history:
Arthur is a rescue greyhound, but wasnt a racer so we don’t know his D.O.B. Our best guess is that he is about 11 and he’s been with us for about 2.5 years.
He had a back x-ray 2 years ago, which showed possible beginnings of lumbrosacral disease, but the orthopaedic vet didn’t think it was significant. In June last year he had CT scans on his wrists. His left wrist is a funny shape and was getting bigger and the GP vet wanted to rule out OS so we were referred. The referral vet thought OA and the CT scans confirmed this with a clear historic fracture and evidence of bone having been pulled from the joint by a ligament in his left wrist. There were also signs of OA in the right wrist. He suggested keeping on with pain relief and looking at hydrotherapy.
We went to the physio/hydrotherapist and althoigh he was very good he really didn’t like the treadmill (he walks around puddles 😉 ). She wasn’t that encouraging about doing more of that, but gave us some exercise suggestions. We have bars and cones for him to step over that we had out most of the time (although I will admit that we haven’t had them down for a month or so…). She suggested getting him to stand with front legs on a step for a minute at a time to have treats to build up his back legs. We haven’t done this consistently enough, but he also seems to still manage to hold.moat of his weight atvthe front when doing this one.
He wasnt great in Sept (I think) and was swapped from Metacam to Onsior, which seemed to improve things. He is now taking 40mg Onsior, 300mg Gabapentin twice a day and 50mg Tralieve twice a day (swapped from 3 x 50mg human Tramadol due to change of supplier at vet in late Nov).
Sorry that bit was so long…! Onto the current situation:
We’ve been thinking for the last two weeks that we would like to go back to the referral vet as Arthur seems to be rolling out in his left paw and scraping nails on his back right foot. I filmed him walking on Friday in preparation for this.
He was unusually bouncy on Saturday and tried to do an “excited about going for a walk” dance like he used to at one point. Then, on Sunday he struggled on his first walk and was also scraping nails on his front left foot. Early evening he tried scraping his bed and lost control of his back end and fell. Jon got him settled on his bed and he crashed out for a bit.
He (and his bed) came into the living room while we had dinner and he really struggled to get comfortable and even get on/off his bed. When helping him we realised that his back, in the shoulder blade area, was raised and solid so we wonder whether he has twisted/hurt something that has caused the muscles to spasm/swell. Maybe that is making his back end control worse?
We didn’t take him for a second walk and I helped support him while he pooed.
He seems worse on his front left and back right, but is generally struggling. We carried him upstairs for bed and back down this morning. He only woke me once ‘adjusting’ his bed in the night, which is less than it has been lately (he wears a jumper and we try and block drafts etc).
I’m a bit worried about leaving him for work this morning, but I will come home asap (max 3 hours) and we will hopefully get into the vet later today.
If anyone has any suggestions of anything I can do to help him until then, or suggestions of things to ask the vet that would be great.
Thank you!

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So sorry to hear your news Lisa. Thinking of you.
Take good care.
Shona xx

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