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Hi peeps.

What can I do to help my dog Sam. He seems very depressed and doesn’ want to go for any walks or go out for a drive which he loved. I do have a ramp for him to get in and out of. I know he hates the rain. Was wondering if I should get a essential oil burner and some oils to try and lift his mood. Any advice please

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Hi DizzyLizzy,

I’m sorry to hear too that Sam is feeling down. I would second Kathryn’s questions around having an accurate diagnosis and any treatments he is currently on. Also brain games such as activity and snuffle mats, games of hide and seek (using cups under which you hide treats is low intensity). I’ve also seen a homemade game where 2-3 empty plastic bottles are strung on a string that is suspended between 2 poles. Treats are put in the bottles and the dog has to work out how to get them by flipping the bottles over.

It may be that changing his pain medication may help also.

Hope fully we will get more drier weather spells soon. It has been a long winter this year!


Warm wishes,


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