debilitated dog bullying

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My Luna is a nightmare. She has always loved to play, has always loved to bumtuck, chase and run with other dogs. Very social. She reacts differently to different dogs. I learnt to trust her years ago to decided herself whether to approach a dog or not. She will do a wide arc of avoidance of dogs that don’t want her near them. She loves boys of maturity age and will roll around and flirt and nuzzle and muzzle lick them.

She will still launch herself at youngsters to charge around and play with them. All that’s changed is her fragility so they can and do knock her flying unintentionally because she seems ‘up for it’. I either have to close my eyes and just pick up the pieces afterwards because I was too late to prevent the situation or wade in like a ‘mean mum’ and grab her and suggest the other person controls their dog while Luna teases and taunts them to play whilst unable to as being held by lead or harness.

I blame adrenaline for ALOT of loony lunatic Luna’s behaviour.

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