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Our 13 year old Lab was diagnosed with arthritis about a year ago and since August has been on a very low dose of steroids which has helped enormously. In the last few months she has started whining/ barking for no apparent reason. It gets worse in the evenings and doesn’t seem to matter what we do she continues. It is distressing for us all including our other lab. Does anyone else have this issue .. she doesn’t appear to be in pain but we are concerned that we are missing something.

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Thanks Lynsey
We have done a lot of things to help her with the pain of Arthritis, such as having non slip rugs on the floor, changing her bed for a better one with no sides, (although she prefers to sleep on one of the rugs) she is also on turmeric tablets. She doesn’t climb stairs and very rarely goes in the car as the vet visits her at home. We take her on short walks about 4 times a day, which she still seems to enjoy. In general terms for a 13 year old Lab she’s doing amazing but it’s just this whine/bark that is not like her. She’s on prednisolone and they have made a huge difference.
The other thing we did wonder is that her eyesight is not good now and whether she was scared as it gets darker.
I really appreciate your response as we want to make her last period of time as pleasant as we can, despite the pain of the Arthritis.

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