Behaviour Changes in Dog on previcox

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Scout is a 5 year old Staffie x Boxer.  He has a long history of shoulder issues and his shoulder was constantly inflamed and vet thinks has DJD.

He was struggling to walk 20 mins before and not enjoying walks at all.  He went onto Previcox and Yumove advance and the change was amazing

He has always been good with other dogs there’ been the odd one or he doesn’ like big dominant dogs when he on the lead and always happy to be called away if we don’t like the look of a dog and he would ignore them.

He has started to become reactive to some other dogs yet still good as gold with others.  Three times recently he has charged over to other dogs .. he is just full of bluster gets within 6 ft and stops and comes back.  Obvs not acceptable I know.    He has done it as well to dogs he knows esp if dusk or dawn and they suddenly appear..he  gets there and then can see realised it’ his friend and gets all happy.      Also he has become reactive on lead on our street walks which we had to do alot if when he was poorly.  Think it started with all the cats that used to ambush us then progressed to anything that moved and sonmetimes things that dont move .. he has cicked off at a bag of rubbish before ..they just seem to get into a high alert in these walks times and I don’t enjoy them at all but sometimes a necessary evil.

Anyway he is on lockdown atm but wondered if the Previcox can cause any behaviour changes or maybe it’s a behaviour issue that’ been building up but he felt too poorly before to be bothered.. now he feels ok he reacts.   I don’t think he is in pain …


Previously we could take him anywhere and he is ok most of the time.    I do have a behaviourist that we did scent work with whi will chst tok as well but just wanted to see if you thought the Previcox might have any impact here in escalating aggressive behaviour/ enabling him to want to act on is  feelings or if had seen anything similar

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After having a bad week last week he has been brilliant over the weekend he has been ambushed by dogs and had all sorts of dogs come over to him and he’s been the perfect gent.   Iv’e kept him under close control mind and will continue to do so.

One of the dogs he had a run at is very nervous and wonder if gives off some vibe dogs don’  like as I found out a friends dog had a go at this dog as well.

One of the dogs was running too and think he doesn’ like dogs running attached to people.. was on a canal tow path so narrow and they were upon us quickly before I could grab him.   Still it is unlike him to react in such a way he is generally very placid.

I shall be keeping a close eye on him and thinking for him mind and avoiding anyone who might cause him worry .. def something about being worse at dawn and dusk .. I’m trying to work out a pattern.

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