Been on anti inflammatories but now diagnosed with early stage kidney disease

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Hi , I’m after some advice please. We have an almost 10 year old retriever and she has arthritis in all her limbs, mainly hocks and elbows. She has had this for quite a few years and has been on myloxydil (metacam) for at least 4 or 5 years. Most recently she has also been taking Pardale V too to help with pain management. ¬†She had a cruciate ligament surgery 2 years ago also. She has hydrotherapy every two weeks as well as laser treatment and takes yumove and also has Hills Prescription diet for mobility – so quite a lot going on for her. She has just had her 6 monthly blood test and it has showed an increased level of urea and also her urine is diluted which we know shows some changes in her kidneys. Where do we go from here? Our physio vet has talked about trying Arthramid in a month or so but this will only be in her front leg which is worse affected. I’m really concerned that we won’ be able to control the pain for her if we stop her current medication but obviously worried about her kidney too.

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