arthramid & platelet therapy

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My dog is a 13 year old border collie she has arthritis in both hips and both elbows I dont walk her at all any more she has been having hydrotherapy. a week ago she completely busted her cruciate ligament. had exrays done just to confirm everything. She cant get up at all now and I have had to leave her at the vets for the weekend. The orthapedic vet was there and doesnt think operating is a good idear because of all her other problems. arthramid and prp theapy has been suggested but I dont know much about it. when I lift her up I can feel all her joints crunching, would it be kinder to put her to sleep or give it a go.

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Hey Jaq
how are you getting on?
I heard from Carly you were considering it, but can see you opted to give it a go
In my opinion if your dog is that painful, then those alone will not be sufficient. A complete review of overall management will be required. Arthramid and PRP is part of the possible puzzle but certainly not the holy grail. They are useful, but with other additional therapies.
A tough question to as would be is there enough functional tissue remaining ( ie muscles) to enable her to stand even if the pain within that joint can be reduced, and are you in a position to work on maintaining/ building that soft tissue support.
let us know how you are getting on… I really hope your little one has had a successful stay at the vets

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