Arthramid and PRP at same time

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Scout has ongoing joint problems, first his shoulder (biceps tendon had to be cut) and after re-investigation was found that this was not the cause of his ongoing issues, but he had elbow displaysia for which he had FCP surgery about 4 months ish ago.
He is better since the surgery, and strangely the cartrophen injections he has been having for about 2 years suddenly started to give him a new lease of life for about a week after the injection.
He does all sorts of other things, but next step is to have PRP in his elbow (he had it in his shoulder before and it didn’t seem to do a lot) and then also try Arthramid depending on the PRP.
I have heard they can be give together, but of course if it works won’t know which one worked.  Although if it works I don’t really care:-)   – partly for me it saves another trip to the specialist and time off, and for him saves him stress of another trip to the specialist as he gets really scared now, can’t blame him.
I know the arthramid can take a few weeks to see and effect – not sure how long the PRP takes …

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The specialist did send a message back as wanted to do one at a time to see what effects they have had.    I know its potentially the right way and of course he is the expert but just disheartened with going, trying stuff, more restricted exercise, nothing working, back up to the specialist again. I just wanted to get a few steps ahead 🙂

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