Amputee with Elbow Osteoarthritus

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Hi I was wondering if anyone could offer advise please.

I have a 5 year old 3 legged rescue staffie who was a cruelty case.  She has been with us 2 years and after 6 months her cruciate ligament needed surgery on her back leg.  At the time of surgery the vet x-ray’d her body and found major deformities in her skeleton due to breaks & fractures that had not been treated, she is subsequently riddled with arthritis.  Our main problem is her elbow arthritis in her remaining front leg, obviously this remaining leg takes all her weight and we have been trying various things to alleviate her pain over the last 2 years including physio, hydrotherapy, carprieve, Yumove, orthopedic bed, floor runners, pushchair for mental stimulation etc.  She cannot have the elbow replacement which she needs without a prosthetic fitted but unfortunately her stump is too small to be able to accommodate one.  Our vets have also looked into her elbow joint being fused so that it does not move and even a strap on prosthetic from America but nothing seems feasible.  A steroid injection into the elbow joint worked wonderfully and after 5 days she was running again, this lasted about 5 months.  We had another steroid injection 3 weeks ago but for some reason this seems to have had no effect.  Does anyone know why a 2nd injection would not work?

I suppose I am asking for any additional help I can give to her please as we seem to have exhausted all vet options, we know we are now on borrowed time and our aim is to keep her happy and pain free for as long as is possible.  I keep reading about tumeric paste, glucosamine, CBD oil, Reiki sessions has anyone had any success with any of these? (we tried Yumove but it had no benefits) Or is there anything else we can try to help her with the pain?  She is currently taking 40mg Carprieve per day, can get round the house but walks are maximum 10 minutes where we drive to a field just so she can have a sniff around.

Sorry for the long postCaramelmany thanks

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Have you looked into Platelet Rich Plasma injections? I know all dogs and their conditions are different and one thing doesn’t suit all but it may give her some relief? It’s a fairly simple procedure for a vet to carry out too. My dog has had it through the referral vet. I also give Heidi Riaflex canine joint aid, she has boswellia supplement and duck feet for natural chrondroitin. The vet has suggested surgery to us too… so I’m currently looking into our options. Your dog is really lucky to of found you after her previous life experiences. Xx

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Hi Wonky,


First of all, what a beautiful dog. Such a pretty face.


Has your vet talked about trying other adjuncts of pain relief? There are various options which can be used in conjunction with nsaids which may provide some additional analgesia.


Something like Myotherapy or massage could benefit her also, as she must be compensating elsewhere with all that she has going on at the front. Muscles get tense and sore when over used so this may be very therapeutic for her and I have seen amazing benefits to arthritic dogs with this therapy.


Have a look at our website and the drop down link to CAM conversations, where you will find reputable info on the likes of CBD oil and tumeric.


Best wishes,



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Thank you I will definitely speak to my vet about the injections & will try the supplements you recommend.  All the best with your options & decisions regarding surgery for your dog too. X

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