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My dog is currently on pardale v and amantadine for arthritis. He had a leg injury 4 weeks ago that the vet thinks is muscular. He was slowly getting better but seems unsettled again especially at night. Vet prescribed tramadol at night but with little impact on pain. Been back to vet (a locum as mine is away) last night. He’s given him an injection in his muscle and he has a further 2 today. He said if this didn’t work there was nothing else they could do and the best thing would be to put him to sleep. I can’t believe this is the only solution?! Surely there are other painkillers or increase the dose of existing. He was due to start physio today but the vet said to cancel as there was no point and it would cause more pain. I’m looking for anything to help rid him of the pain as he’s otherwise very happy. He’s a 12 year old Labrador.

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I’m sorry he seems to be struggling.

Have your vets done any diagnostics, x-rays for example, to rule out anything else underlying?

There are potentially a lot of other options for treatment – an NSAID drug (like metacam, onsior, previcox) would be a good option if he can tolerate them? I would think it worth going to see the physio for their opinion too. It will depend on the injury and their findings and it may be that physio isn’t right for him right now but it’s worth seeking their advise. You could also think about acupuncture or laser therapy perhaps which are less “active” forms of therapy.

Please let us know how you get on

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