A change from metacam?

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Hi everyone,

i have a 17yr old collie cross who has been arthritic (both back legs) ever since I adopted her 3 years ago. She was on metacam from the off and has been ever since although around 6 months ago this was changed to loxicom as my vets no longer stock metacam and told me it’s virtually identical (I hope this is true)

For around the last 18 months she has also been on dorwest mixed vegetables and yumove. Around Christmas I changed the yumove to yumove plus.

Shes really starting to show her age now and her legs are worsening. She has stumbled on occasion however she also still charges around the garden at times when I come in from work and enjoys her short evening walks. She also wears a magnetic collar and memory foam beds and we have rugs everywhere for her.

She is not the easiest in terms of handling due to a history of abuse and vet examinations are really tricky. I’m reluctant to take her off anything already on in case it makes her worse.

My question is is there anything stronger/more effective than the loxicom I can give her? I understand that long term use of medication can affect organs etc but whatever time she has left I want to be pain feee for her. Thanks in advance

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You don’t say where you live, but there may well be a physical therapist near you who could come to yours and guide you through a tailored daily massage routine that you could do yourself at home.  It’s something we offer locally as I realise that not everyone is able to travel plus carer involvement is so important since you’re with the dog all the time.  If you say your dog is not the easiest to handle, then sharing the skills of the therapist could be an answer to help and benefit.  There is a register of qualified professionals on the IAAT website which is searchable by location.  Another register of professionals can be found from the Canine Massage Guild.  Good luck with your search.

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Hi there,

Sorry to hear your pooch is starting to struggle.

Your vet is right about metacam/loxicom- they both contain the same drug at the same dose, meloxicam, but are just made by different manufacturers.

With regards to additional things you could do: certainly there are drugs that can be used alongside loxicom to help manage the pain, for example amantadine, pardale or gabapentin have all been used successfully in dogs. It may be worth asking your vet about using something additional like this. Sometimes it is helpful to have something to hand you can just use on “bad days” too to top up the pain relief level is needed.

I’m guessing that going to a physio or similar wouldn’t be an option but perhaps you could learn some at home massage techniques? There is a website www.drmegankelly.com where you can view a webinar on this subject that might be helpful to you.

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